Wednesday, 3 August 2011

inprinted-by me

Devoid of meaning
destructive time
meaning is gleaming
some sense from a rhyme
while others are teaming
burnt hearts with sublime
my meaning is dreaming
of times far past crime
insufficiency screaming
deficient of time
please tell me im breathing
please say this dreams mine

for i forgot..
that dreaming stops..
our bodys rot..
dissolve away,
into the ground
into a sound
a molecule.. remained
and inprinted on his face
patterned lace

for one last embrace

another moschops poem

Cover me in light grenades
Cover me in giin
Help me through these dark crusades
whilst we win, through life of sin

Cover me in therapy
With paracites and darts
slice me with the knie i free
we rejoiced as we ripped our hearts

Free me with insanity
Free me up with sin
Free my lost profanity
and follow me back..

Then begin